Tight Side Latex is a Dutch brand with studios based in the heart of Amsterdam. Established in 2020, we specialize in creating feminine, sensual pieces that empower the wearer and bring latex clothing into the mainstream. Our designs are the perfect blend of courageous and outrageous.

As the director of the company, Holly brings over a decade of experience from numerous large fashion companies in the UK and the Netherlands. Holly graduated in the UK with a first-class degree in fashion design and buying and has been an influential figure in modern fashion. In 2018, she was awarded Drapers' "30 under 30" for her hard work and dedication to the industry.

It has always been Holly's dream to start her own business. During the coronavirus pandemic, this dream became a reality, and Tight Side Latex was born. Holly wears many hats as the designer, maker, model, content creator, and director of the business. Special thanks to @osullishots for some of the amazing photography featured on our social media and website.

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